"A New Vision of Dignity , Self-Respect , Self-Reliance , and Self-Dignity"


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Siddharth college of Commerce and Economics, faculty and staff is very helpful and co-ordinating. They always encourage us and support us. Each and every event is celebrated with a great enthusiasm and devotion by students as well as our professors
Simran P. Jain ( S.Y.BCom )

Experience the college life and enjoy. You are the pawns in the first year…you are ministers in the second year…You become the king of campus in the final year
Nisha Singh ( T.Y.B.COM 2017 )

I must say about the college, "best years of our life ".In college, we have fun, we learn from our best teachers, we grow, and we reflect upon the changes we want to make in our lives.
Reshma.S.Angane ( S.Y.Bcom 2016-17 )

Siddharth College is one of my life's best decisions. The efforts of Professors r too appreciative, they treat students like their friends. Not only in education has college provided opportunities in different fields like NSS, NCC, CULTURAL as I get to know my singing ability here. Students of our college are doing well after college, selected in Defence services, civil services etc. It is a full package to make the life and achieve goals and develop personality.
Shrinath Upadhyay ( S.Y B.Com (E) 2016-17 )

Siddharth College is Awesome college with such a good teaching staff College who provide the best education to low income level group and low capabilities people's - The best part of this college is they never run away when there responsibility arise
Kashyap Jariwala ( M.Com Part 1 )

My clg is the best clgevr..the staff n management of our clg is best.. there are facilities for students done by Dr.BabasaheAmbedkar.. the management of BMM department is very hard working and teaches student in very interesting method..no.lectures are boring..as or prof.teaches us very interestingly
Darshana Salve ( TYBMM )

To go in a clg is the dream of students ....from that I am lucky to be a student of clg,I get to learned many more from this clg, as be a part of NCC I achieved many more things n got the knowledge of further activities not only related to studies but apart from it, am happy to be student of commerce in this clg.
Akshay Kadam( S.Y.BCom )

Our college teaching staff are very helpful, very good teaching skills and also very humble to students. And they very careful to teaching every subject and every topic to extra energy Our College is the best college
Rekha Chavhan ( TYBCom )

it creates personality generates enthusiasm in students and motivate them. the purpose of establishing this college was just to give SC/ST a place in the society...but the doors of Siddharth college is open for all..theydont prefer casts and creed..they give chance to every deserving student.
Shaikh Saba Parveen Mohammed Yusuf ( T.Y.B.Com )